Alert Condition : Red - Supercollider

esempio preso da Designing Sound Supercollider

Ndef(\alarm, {
        var freq, out, operations;
        freq =, 0, Dseq([723, 932, 1012], inf));
        freq =, 70);
        out =;
        operations = [out, (out * pi).sin, (out * pi).cos, ((out+0.25) * pi).cos];
        out =,4).poll, operations); * 0.1)

SynthDef(\dsaf_multialarm, {
        |length=0.05, freqs=#[600,800,600,800], timbre=1, repeats=inf|
        var freq, out, operations;
        freq =, 0, Dseq(freqs, repeats), doneAction: 2);
        freq =, 70);
        out =;
        out =, [out, (out * pi).sin, (out * pi).cos, ((out+0.25) * pi).cos]);
        // NOTE: when writing a synthdef always remember the Out ugen!
        // (Handy shortcuts like Ndef and {}.play often add Out on your behalf), * 0.1))

Synth(\dsaf_multialarm, [\length, 0.01, \freqs, [1000, 0, 1000, 0], \timbre, 3, \repeats, 3000]);

Duty                demand results from demand rate ugens

Inherits from: Object : AbstractFunction : UGen, reset, level, doneAction), reset, level, doneAction)

See also: TDuty, Demand

A value is demanded each ugen in the list and output according to a stream of duration values.
The unit generators in the list should be 'demand' rate.
When there is a trigger at the reset input, the demand rate ugens in the list and the duration are reset.
The reset input may also be a demand ugen, providing a stream of reset times.

LeakDC      remove DC offset

Inherits from: Object : AbstractFunction : UGen : Filter, coef, mul, add), coef, mul, add)

This filter removes a DC offset from a signal.
in - input signal.
coef - leak coefficient. Defaults to 0.995 for audiorate and 0.9 for controlrate.

Select              select one output from many sources

superclass: UGen

The output is selected from an array of inputs., array), array)

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