Virus Z - Supercollider

PMOsc           phase modulation oscillator pair, modfreq, pmindex, modphase, mul, add)

Phase modulation sine oscillator pair.
carfreq - carrier frequency in cycles per second.
modfreq - modulator frequency in cycles per second.
pmindex - modulation index in radians.
modphase - a modulation input for the modulator's phase in radians

e = Env.linen(2, 5, 2);{
  * *
      ,800.0.rand,, 12.0.rand,9),0,0.1), 1.0.rand2)});

LinPan2         two channel linear pan, pos, level)

Two channel linear panner. This one sounds more like the Rhodes tremolo than Pan2.
in - input signal
pos - pan position, -1 is left, +1 is right
level - a control rate level input

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