Tindalos - Supercollider

SynthDef(\FAW_LowPad, {|outbus = 0, seconds = 400, pan = -1|
var env = EnvGen.ar(Env.linen(10, seconds - 20, 10), doneAction:2);
var lfo = SinOsc.ar(0.01);
var amp = 0.01;
var sinFunc = {|i| 
3 * (i + 1), 
mul: max(0, LFNoise1.kr(1))
var mix = Mix(Array.fill(150, sinFunc)) ;
var output = mix * lfo * env * amp;
Out.ar(outbus, Pan2.ar(output, pan));

EnvGen              envelope generator

Inherits from: Object : AbstractFunction : UGen

Plays back break point envelopes. The envelopes are instances of the Env class. See the Env for more info. The arguments for levelScale, levelBias, and timeScale are polled when the EnvGen is triggered and remain constant for the duration of the envelope.

*ar(envelope, gate, levelScale, levelBias, timeScale, doneAction)
*kr(envelope, gate, levelScale, levelBias, timeScale, doneAction)

*linen(attackTime, sustainTime, releaseTime, level, curve)

    Creates a new envelope specification which has a trapezoidal shape.
    attackTime - the duration of the attack portion.
    sustainTime - the duration of the sustain portion.
    releaseTime - the duration of the release portion.
    level - the level of the sustain portion.
    curve - the curvature of the envelope.
SinOsc          interpolating sine wavetable oscillator
SinOsc.ar(freq, phase, mul, add)

LFNoise1                ramp noise
LFNoise1.ar(freq, mul, add)
LFNoise1.kr(freq, mul, add)

Mix         sum an array of channels
Mix will mix an array of channels down to a single channel or an array of arrays of channels down to a single array of channels. More information can be found under MultiChannel.

Pan2            two channel equal power pan
Pan2.ar(in, pos, level)
Two channel equal power panner.
in - input signal
pos - pan position, -1 is left, +1 is right
level - a control rate level input

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