Ocean - Supercollider

rielaborazione di uno script su sccode.org, lanciato 3 volte;

x = OnePole.ar(WhiteNoise.ar(0.2)+Dust.ar(137, 0.5), 0.7);
x = x + Splay.ar(FreqShift.ar(x, 1/(1..7)));


FreqShift.ar(input, shift, phase, mul, add)

Splay.ar spreads an array of channels across
the stereo field.

OnePole.ar(in, coef, mul, add)
A one pole filter. Implements the formula :
out(i) = ((1 - abs(coef)) * in(i)) + (coef * out(i-1))

Dust                        random impulses
Dust.ar(density, mul, add)
Generates random impulses from 0 to +1.
density - average number of impulses per second

WhiteNoise.ar(mul, add)
WhiteNoise.kr(mul, add)
Generates noise whose spectrum has equal power at all frequencies.

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